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Rosie Jo’s story is far from conventional. Alicia Rose and Allie Johanna are Kiwi cousins with a shared love of art and a talent for creativity. Worlds away from the norm, Alicia is a professional kayaker while Allie is a student completing her university degree. What they have in common, and where Rosie Jo Design comes into play, is a passion for designing and creating greeting cards in their spare time. Their consequent production of watercolour washes, loopy italics and paint splattered pages come together to form cheerful and endearing collections of simple, yet highly effective, greeting cards for all occasions.  

Forever on the lookout to feed her greeting cards addiction, Emma discovered these gorgeous prints while out and about, and couldn’t resist purchasing a mini version for her purse (where it remains to this day!).  Luckily, Emma’s inability to say no to a cute card worked in her favour, when she eventually reached out to Rosie Jo and invited them to send across some more of their creations. Less than a year on and the girls’ creative side hustle is now a successful and well-loved part of the EmKo family!


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