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Based in the UK, Dandelion Stationery is the creation of Jo Wilson and her passion for designing, sending and, most of all, receiving greeting cards. In 2012, Jo committed to making her dreams a reality and undertook the daunting challenge of launching a greeting cards business, whilst working a full-time job as well as being a full-time mum. Jo’s doodles were a huge hit at various trade shows and spring fairs, eventually enabling her to quit her job and commit to the brand full-time!

Eight years and several awards and nominations later, Jo is now supported by a wonderful team – highly efficient, exceptionally organised and never far from a fun night out. In between copious cups of tea, coffee and the occasional sneaky biscuit, the team work together brainstorming, designing, printing, hand-finishing and packing. Dandelion Stationery is also assisted by a brilliant group of local people and, most importantly, Ted – resident office dog, key team member and everyone’s best friend.

These award-winning designs, covered in heartfelt words, endearing characters and Jo’s genius sense of humour, are the kind of greeting cards you want to send just for the sake of brightening someone’s day. As Jo always says: ‘Don’t wait for a reason. You don’t need a reason. Just send a card.’


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