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About EmKo

EmKo was created from a love of greeting cards, sending snail mail and a huge appreciation for the warm fuzzy feeling you get when receiving a card.  Created by Emma, designer and founder of The Little Card Factory, EmKo has carefully selected a range of brands by talented artists and illustrators from New Zealand and around the world.  Our collections are continuously growing, and we have no doubt that we have the right card for you.  You can read more about the individual brands that we represent below...
Ingrid Boot is an Auckland based artist who was born in the UK.  Her paintings predominantly portray the beauty of the female form with a stylised realism. There is an essence of timeless elegance which is encapsulated within all Ingrid’s paintings.  Her inspiration comes from a love of fashion history and movie icons of a bygone era.
After studying Art at Westminster University, London, Ingrid completed an Illustration degree at De Montfort. Today, her work is displayed in private collections around the world especially in New Zealand, her home since 2000.
Typically, a painting will start with conceptualising the idea before a broad search for information. Ingrid will then sketch the work while looking for as much physical reference as possible. The details are then painstakingly researched – every button, every stitch of clothing, every choice of prop must be perfect.  Before painting, Ingrid creates a photographic composition, often with the use of a model, to build dimension on the earlier sketch.
Ingrid’s confidence in bringing these disciplines together in her art stems from her classical training. Over time she has honed her skills further, enabling her to create several works each year for exhibition as well as taking on commercial commissions.
Rara & Ribbon's story is in the process of being written and will be here soon!
Rewind around 20 years and The Little Card Factory is already starting to take shape.  Emma, the creator and owner of TLCF, has a very creative mum, and was always encouraged to make cards for her family and friends' birthdays.  Emma's mum called her 'my little card factory.'
Scoot forward to 2010, Emma has fallen in love with, and moved to New Zealand from the UK.  It was here that she graduated from her Visual Arts degree majoring in Painting.  A few months after finishing University, her creative bones started to get restless again.  While making a Valentine's card for her partner, she started playing around with paper and sketching again; it was here that The Little Card Factory started to re-emerge.
A typewriter was bought from Trademe, which allowed for those creative ideas to take shape.  Each card was typed and illustrated individually in the early days.  With seven card designs, Emma took 'The Little Card Factory' to Crafternoon Tea; her first craft market.
PRESSED is EmKo’s first greeting card collection to be designed in house.  PRESSED’s simple designs with both bold and intricate shapes teamed with bright colours, bring a little something special to the writing table.
Hand pressed with love, we handed our designs over to Magpie Press to create this collection...
We take pride in producing beautiful letterpress printing with heart. The cornerstone of our printshop is a weighty Heidelberg Windmill Press (we call her Hildegarde!), which faithfully whooshes her way through printing, perforating and die-cutting for us.
The craft of letterpress lends itself to a little whimsy, and it constantly astounds us that such a big, noisy machine produces gloriously elegant, long-lasting pieces.
Most of the process is done by hand and is time consuming – from making the photo-polymer plates for printing, mixing your ink (using an old-fashioned weighing scale), to inking, printing and cleaning the press.
Louise Mulgrew Designs is a teeny tiny paper empire in beautiful Brighton, England.  All designs feature Louise’s original illustrations in her loose, energetic style.  Having always loved the physical drawing process, Louise likes to remain true to her traditional roots, maintaining a handmade, hand-drawn feel in all of her designs.  Working with pen and ink she combines colourful inky washes, intricate line-work, playful mark-marking and a lot of negative space to create designs that are quirky, colourful and on-trend.  Always hoping to prompt a smile from the viewer, her characters are whimsical, happy and generally a bit more flexible than their real-life counterparts. Perfect for celebrating all occasions!


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